In the world of social media, it is pretty hard to avoid the term ‘influencer’.

We have spoken to so many small and medium businesses that say they have considered working with an influencer, but never really pursued it. When prompted as to why, they don’t really have an answer – or they are not really sure they are worth the hype.

So, we decided to put together this quick list of 10 reasons why you should consider including influencer marketing in your 2019 strategy.

#1 They are a trusted voice

People are trusting of their peers and opinion leaders more so than they are of brands themselves – that shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s not to say people don’t trust brands, they are just more trusting of those in their inner circle. That means, working with influencers and have them telling your brand story could be a match made in heaven. Your message gets out to your desired audience, from a trusted and respected source.

#2 They create content

Content creation is something we see a lot of small and medium businesses struggle with, especially when it comes to good quality content. So, why not enlist the help of an influencer? They build their following by pumping out great quality content on a daily basis. You get your product (or offering) in front of your target audience from a trusted voice – and the influencer get’s another topic to create content around to fill their feed – it’s a win win.

#3 They don’t have to be expensive

Contrary to popular belief, collaborating with an influencer doesn’t have to cost you the years marketing budget for one post. There are different tiers of influencers, and this determine costs. Obviously, if you are looking at enlisting Mega-Influencers such as one of the Kardashian/Jenner sister’s to promote your product, you’re going to have to pay the price. But, you have other options! There are Macro, Micro and Nano Influencers you can choose from. No idea what im talking about? Here is the difference…

Macro: There is no exact science or follower cut off. But generally Macro’s have following in the 100,000’s. With a following this size, don’t expect any free posting in exchange for content. You will have to pay. But, ask the influencer for their rate card, this will have their costings + what you will get in return.

Micro: Again, this is not an exact science. But, they will generally have a following between 1,000 and 100,000. You’ll often find these types of influencers will be an industry expert in a particular topic. e.g. fashion, beauty, health etc. It is often thought that these influencers build stronger relationships with their following, as they are considered to be opinion leaders by their social following, and therefor arguable more influential. Depending where they fit on the 1,000 to 100,000 scale, they may be willing to collaborate for free product or a fee. Again ask for their rate card. You’ll find that Micro influencers are open to long term collaborations too, so be open to play the long game.

Nano: Finally, Nano influencers tend to have less than 1,000 followers. But, don’t discount them just because of their low following. They still can create content for you and they still have a trusted following. They are often considered the ‘people’s influencer, as they are perceived to be an average person sharing their lifestyle with other average people. They will more than likely be willing to promote your product or offering in exchange for free product.

#4 They great at engaging

How desirable they are too to potential followers and business collaborators often depends on their engagement levels – so their job is to literally engage with their following regularly. The more engaged the following is with the influencer, the better for the brand/business. As this means it’s real authentic people communicating with the influencer and there for gives you an indicator of their reach of influence and impressions/reach of posting.

#5 They know their audience – and yours

They know what posts work and don’t work for their audience. They know what type of content, the demographic make up and what themes their audience are more likely to respond too. Therefor, they can work with you to create content that will make an impact. And importantly, tell you what to avoid!

#6 They can grow your online following

As long as you’re smart and always tell the influencer to include tags to your social handles and/or website, it’s a sure fire way to increase your social following – with relevant people. They’ll follow you because they trust their influencer and because they think their a fan of your brand. Product promotion and increase in follower count, what more could you want?

#7 They drive valuable results

How many of you have seen a celebrity, influencer or opinion leader share a product or offering and gone over to that website to check it out? Most of us will say yes to this. Moral of the story, they live up to their name and they have influence. If they are promoting a new season drop, a sale, a limited offer etc, they are going to spark interest and drive action towards that offering. They do more than just get likes, they can drive real results for your business.

#8 They build brand awareness

To put it simply, influencers can help businesses reach their target market. This means you can get your brand and offering in front of your desired audience, who you may have never reached before. It’s a way of building on the amount of people who are aware of your brand (therefore increasing recognition), and continuing to reach for top of mind awareness as they become more familiar with you.

#9 It’s an authentic form of brand promotion

As the market becomes more and more crowded, audiences are becoming more and more aware of ads and know when they are being sold too. Even going to the extreme of using ad blockers. Well, Influencers can provide an authentic way to cut through the noise and promote to your audience, without being too pushy. Striking up real conversations about your offering with real people (their following), is a trusting and authentic way to stand out from the crowd.

#10 It can help improve your SEO ranking

This is a sneaky little tip to help you improve your SEO ranking, something which all businesses should be interested in doing. To put it simply, by asking influencers to provide links to your website through their blog and own website, you can create high quality and trusted backlinks to your site, which in turn will help improve your SEO ranking.

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