Yup, that’s right. We’re almost another month down of 2019 😲 So it’s time for a round up of April’s Hashtag Holiday’s!

Remember, Hashtag Holidays are gaining traction year on year and we are seeing more and more businesses leverage the hype around these Holidays to capture the attention of a wider audience.

So, get creative and find fun topical new ways to leverage the chatter and buzz around these days to capture attention and get discovered! Think outside the box, these days to can be leverage for obvious advantages such as themed sales etc. But you also leverage the buzz around the days strengthen your community and build on your engagement with your following. Especially with days such as “international children’s book day” coming up!

Feel free to save the image so you can refer back to it throughout the month! We’ll post up May Hashtag Holidays towards the end of next month too.

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