The Facebook platform is forever updating and evolving. That means changes to the advertising platform and the metrics we pay such close attention too, are inevitably going to change and evolve to.

Last week Facebook announced that they will soon be removing the relevance score from the ads manager, and replacing it with 3 new metrics.

For those not familiar with the Relevance score, it measures how relevant your ads are to the audience you chose to target. This metric is crucial for advertisers, as your relevance score gives you an indication if you are correctly matching your creative to your target audience – and therefore can give you reasoning around the performance of an ad. E.g. A poor performing ad with a low relevance score, could mean your audience just isn’t relating to the content you are putting in front of them.

In their announcement of the change in metrics, Facebook stated they will replace the Relevance score with 3 new more granular ad relevance metrics. They hope that in making this change, it will provide advertisers with more actionable insights for their businesses.

The new ad relevance diagnostics, will look like this..

Quality Ranking: How your ads perceived quality compares with ads competing for the same audience.

Engagement Rate Ranking: How your ads expected engagement rate compares with ads competing for the same audience.

Conversion Rate Ranking: How your ads expected conversion rate compares with ads that had the same optimisation goal and competed for the same audience.

Facebook will begin to introduce this change over the next couple of months. The new diagnostic metrics will be making an appearance in ads manager over the next couple of weeks, and the removal of the Relevance Score will being from April 30th.

Rather than just one metric indicating whether you’ve created a good match between your audience and the content you are serving them, you will have 3 metrics with a more specific purpose behind them. These metrics will let you know if changes to your post click experience (after they’ve clicked away from Facebook/Instagram), your chosen target audience OR the creative content used will help improve your ads performance.

We can definitely see the value in these more granular metrics, as you’ll be able to get a clearer understanding of the cause behind poor/positive performance. Which is something all advertisers value! Essentially it’s the same as the relevance score – only better! So, how could you not be interested in diving deeper into your relevance?

If you want to read more about the metrics, you can visit the Facebook Help Centre article here, on the Ad Relevance Diagnostics.

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