For decades businesses and organisations have been creating ‘holidays’ to raise awareness and draw support for important causes (#InternationalWomensDay), or just to celebrate the little things and the everyday (#WorldCupcakeDay).

Now with the power of social media, these holidays are gaining traction year on year and we are seeing more and more businesses leverage the hype around Hashtag Holidays to capture the attention of a wider audience. With the conversation and buzz around these days only getting bigger, it makes sense for brands to incorporate content, discounts/sales or general messaging as a creative new way to get in front of their market.

If you’re new to Hashtag Holidays, or just have no idea what’s coming up. Then check out our list below showing the most popular holidays for the month of March!

Feel free to save the image so you can refer back to it throughout the month! We’ll post up April Hashtag Holidays towards the end of the month too.

If you are looking to scale your social presence this year and take advantage of strategies such as Hashtag Holidays in your paid ads, but don’t know where to start…

Then Social Buzz Marketing has a range of services to help businesses scale their growth through social ads – so check out our services here, or contact us today to find more about how we can help.

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