We’re already on the 3rd month of 2019! Now’s the time when most of our personal new years resolutions are well and truly broken and forgotten. But, what about your 2019 business goals – are you staying on track?

Organisation is the key to success when it comes to Social Marketing for Small and Medium businesses. So if you are struggling to get high quality and consistent content out to your audience on a regular basis, then it’s time you considered leveraging a Social Content Management Tool. While they don’t create the content for you, it is a great way for you to plan ahead and schedule content, so you can stay connected with your audience – without the daily chore of remembering to post or scrambling to find good content last minute.


There are two main reasons why we feel it’s important to post regularly across your social media accounts – and by regularly, we mean at least 3 – 4 times a week (but ideally once a day).

1) STAY TOP OF MIND – People choose to follow a business because they have an interest in their offering. Posting relevant content on a regular basis is a subtle and effect way to remind your following you are there. These value adding reminders allow you to stay top of mind with your audience, which is crucial in such a crowded market place. Being top of mind means you are the first brand they think of, when in need of something in the offering you provide.

2) OPEN LINE OF COMMUNICATION – Regular posting of your product or offering is a great way to stay connected to your audience. Ask them questions, showcase your latest stock, create polls for customer research or even post behind the scenes peeks at new offerings and new season stock. It’s a great way for you to gauge interest and intent in the different elements/products your business offers – and what your potential customers want to see more or less of. It’s also a great way to build a community around your brand, where your audience can feel comfortable to share their stories and reviews etc. Take the guess work out of what you think your customers want – and let them tell you!


Disclaimer: None of the below Social Management platform write ups are sponsored. These are just our picks out of the 100’s of content management tools available, based on our experience and client feedback.


Credit: Image from Hootsuite.com.

Hootsuite is a powerful Social Media marketing and management dashboard that combines analytics, scheduling, content creation and so many more features in all the one space. You can schedule content for 6 of the big social players: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest in just a few clicks.

It has incredibly useful features such as team hierarchies: for if you have multiple people managing your social accounts. You can boost posts directly from your dashboard, perfect for those who need to push out paid content on the fly. Plus, you can monitor and search for content based on specific hashtags. This means you can set up streams of social content based on relevant hashtags that you can share with others in your team.

Plan’s start from $29 a month. Plus, they also offer a 30 day free trial for you to to test it out. You can find out more about Hootsuite’s offering by clicking here.


Credit: Image from Later.com

If you’re main/only social accounts are Facebook ad Instagram, then Later might be the one for you. Marketed as the #1 Marketing Platform for Instagram, there are so many cool and unique features that make Later stand out from the crowd.

Of course you can get detailed analytics and schedule content like most other Social Management Tools. But with Later, you can plan out your feed as you schedule, and drag and drop images to rearrange until your happy with the aesthetic. You can get your own personalised URL (from their linkin.bio feature), which you can add to your IG Bio and individual posts to get deeper click analytics. It also has a built in hashtag generator for when your creating posts, and are looking for inspiration for relevant hashtags (so cool).

One of the best things about Later? Plans start from $0 a month! Yes, that’s right, the most basic package for Later is free. Obviously this means some of the advanced features aren’t available, but we feel they are one of the best value for money management tools we’ve experienced. Find out more about Later by clicking here.


Credit: Image from buffer.com.

Like the others, with Buffer you can manage your brands multiple social accounts, schedule content and analyse the impact that has all from the one platform.

Two of our favorite features that make buffer so different are…

1) There is a Buffer browser extension. Which means, if you’re scrolling through the big world wide web and find some amazing content you want to share with your businesses following – you can do it right then and there in just a few clicks thanks to this handy little extension.

2) They have an awesome tool called Buffer Reply. Which essentially means you no longer have to hop from account to account to read and respond to messages. You can respond to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram messages all from one unified team inbox.

Buffer starter plan is free, and they offer a range of plans with more advanced features depending on your businesses needs. You can find out more about Buffer by clicking here.

Well, there you have it. There are A LOT of Social Media Management Tools out there to help make your life easier when it comes to Social Content. These 3 platforms happen to be the ones we have had the best experiences with, but obviously we encourage you to do your own research so you can make sure your selecting the platform that best meets your needs!

Moral of the story: Posting regularly is a simple and great way for you to strengthen the relationship you have with your audience. All it takes is one hour a week/month to plan your feed and schedule your content. That way, your social brand staying connected with your target market, without you panic posting or scrambling for content each day.

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