We’re not saying Facebook Page Fans aren’t valuable anymore, they just shouldn’t be a core focus of your paid ad strategy. Here’s why…

Essentially, Facebook page fans are a vanity metric. While they may look good on your page, by no means is it an indicator or a guarantee those ‘fans’ will go on to purchase your product or service.

Wouldn’t you rather invest your social ad spend in something designed to get you a specific and measurable outcome towards your business goals?

Don’t get us wrong, having a low key long term goal to increase page fans isn’t a bad idea. There is still value in having a substantial follower base behind your brand, for example…

It can strengthen Credibility…

Or more specifically, a perceived credibility. There is no doubt that the average person, when looking a Facebook page with 100K Likes, makes an assumption that this business must be ‘legit’ to have such a huge following. But, people are quickly catching on to the fact for most businesses, that credibility has been ‘brought’ through page like ads, and not earned by providing an excellent offering or customer service.

You can gain detailed insights…

Those with a large enough following, can use the Audience Insights feature to find out more about the followers of their page. Such as Age, Gender, Location, Relationship Status, Education Level, Devices used and even what are the ‘Top Liked Pages’ from your audience. All of this information can be used to build the perfect profile of your typical follower, which could provide you with insights into better targeting/optimizing your ads.

So, if Page Likes do still hold some value, why are we telling you not to prioritize them? Well…

Organic Reach: Most businesses with a Facebook Page are now aware, due to a change in how the algorithm prioritizes content, that organic reach has declined significantly in the last few years. Meaning, just because someone follows your page, doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to see your organic content/posts – in fact there is probably only a small chance they will.

Behaviors: Everyone on Facebook (and Instagram) is categorized into a certain type of behavior profile by the Facebook algorithm. This helps the algorithm decide to who is most likely to take the desired action of the chosen ad objective. For example, if you are in the habit of Liking and Following a lot of pages on Facebook, the algorithm will consider your behavior profile to be a ‘Page Liker’ – and therefore serve you more Page Like based campaigns than the average person on Facebook, as you are considered more likely to take the desired action of that advertiser.

So great! You have a whole bunch more followers on your page. But how are you going to convince and motivate those people whose main behavior is Liking Pages, to not only leave Facebook, but show intent and/or purchase on your website? That’s a pretty tough ask…

ROAS: What is your business return on ad spend from running Page Like campaigns? With Traffic or Conversion campaigns it’s easy to distinguish ROI (as long as you have the pixel installed), as you can track your audiences intent and purchases from these campaigns. But how does a Page Like ad getting you closer to increasing your Return on Ad Spend? Which Business Goal does this help you achieve?

When it comes to smart ad strategy you should focus on advertising objectives that are design and optimized to get you closer to hitting your business goals across Facebook.

So, what type of social ads should you be investing your budget in?

We are not saying NEVER run a Page Like Campaign. As mentioned earlier, there are benefits to running this type of objective. They can also be a great Brand Awareness tool for growing your online community.

We recommend prioritizing campaigns that are designed and optimized to get you closer to hitting your business objectives. For example, if your an online store you should consider beginning your strategy with an objective such as Traffic – optimized to target people most likely to leave Facebook and go to a website. Once you’ve mastered mass valuable traffic, look into objectives such as Conversions, where you can optimize your ads to target people most likely to complete valuable actions on your website.

Page Like ads should be run alongside business goal driving campaigns like the ones mentioned above. Use a smaller or leftover budget to grow your fan base in the background. Let campaigns designed to generate ROI be the shining star of your strategy this year.

We appreciate understanding the difference between the multiple objectives Facebook Ads Manager provides can be overwhelming. That’s why it pays to do your research! Dropping your monthly budget will bring you short term gains with more followers, but think about the impact those types of ads will (or won’t) have on hitting your 2019 business goals!

Need help with your 2019 Social Ad Strategy? Feel free to give us a call or visit our contact page here.

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