Replying to your Instagram messages at scale will hopefully become a whole lot easier, thanks to the latest announcement from Facebook.

The social giant just announced that over the next few weeks (in Brazil & the US to start) it will begin rolling out the option to respond to your businesses Instagram messages from your Facebook Page inbox.

So why the need for an update like this? As consumer behavior changes and our audiences demand more instant communication with the businesses they are interested in, the big social players will continue to introduce new features and updates that make it easier for these conversations to happen on their platforms. As messaging is a quick and efficient way for customers and brands to do business together, this type of online communication as a way of doing business will continue to grow throughout 2019. Hence the need for platforms such as Facebook to ensure they do everything they can to make these conversations seamless for their users.

150 million people on Instagram have a conversation with a business every month, and on Messenger, 10 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month.

Instagram internal data, April 2018

When this feature is rolled out (hopefully globally over the next few months if the initial roll out goes well), page admins will be able to receive and respond to all direct messages – whether from Facebook or Instagram – from their Facebook page inbox.

This update will make it so much easier for advertisers to respond to message from their customers quickly, as this communication will be housed in one unified space. You can access the inbox from your Facebook Page via desktop or the Pages Manager App from a mobile device.

Credit: Facebook for Business

Here’s hoping we start to see this feature rolling out into our pages soon!

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